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Original, innovative developments

Our belief: look for innovation and always improve on quality! To this end, our containers and coldstores are designed to stand out against the competition:

  • Recycling of refrigerated vehicle bodies
    Reconditioned and refurbished, they are converted into refrigerated modules on chassis, which can be used with pallets and are an integral part of a sustainable strategy.
  • Width of our coldstores: 2.45 m
    Only Petit Forestier has this width. It allows two pallets to be placed side by side which is not possible with traditional sea containers.
  • Choice of refrigeration units
    Thanks to our expertise, we are able to choose the most innovative low consumption units which marry energy performance with refrigeration performance and cut noise pollution.
  • Latest advances in metrology

    You have the most advanced functions of temperature measurement, control and analysis, as well as remote communication.