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L’actualité des containers frigorifiques

1996 - 2016: Petit Forestier Celebrates its 20 Years of International Presence

Though one would think countries in the South seem more inclined to welcome a "cool" offer, Petit Forestier's expansion strategy went upwards in another direction.

It was by helping a Northern neighbour in its expansion that the company began developing its international activity as "the Refrigerated Rental Company" by opening its first agency in Luxembourg in 1996. After capturing the attention of executives, Petit Forestier's pairing of uniqueness and quality of its refrigeration products turned out to be the determining factor: The simplification and reliability of the proposed services for our customers (maintenance and upkeep of vehicles during their entire life cycle - 24/7 Service ) made a world of difference. After a warm welcome in the Benelux, Petit Forestier set off to conquer the rest of Europe! Following the Spanish opening in 2000, the expansion continued: United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Germany. In early 2016, Petit Forestier set its sights on the Czech Republic.

Petit Forestier's international expansion starts most often by a first implantation in the chosen country. However, implantations are also done according to the opportunities available, and other factors like external growth operations, as was the case for the United Kingdom. In this expansion period, 2013 remains a remarkable year for Petit Forestier: knowing the German standards for reliability and efficiency, it is easy to see why the company faced a big challenge when it came to this particular country! But as to be expected, Petit Forestier's quality was recognised and the presence of the first agency, in the city of Cologne, has since been reinforced by openings in Leipzeig and Munich.

Present in 14 European countries as well as the Maghreb, and with a network of 223 agencies and over 2,800 collaborators, Petit Forestier is further pursuing the development of its international network without renouncing to the quality of its multi-purpose refrigeration products, services and professional equipment which are promoted by a true passion for refrigeration.