Volume 4 m³

Useful Volume
4 m³
Maximum gross vehicle weight
1,000 kg
Maximum payload
440 kg

Refrigeration unit
Class A (mains powered)


This refrigerated trailer is recommended for storing your fresh products. The refrigeration unit operates off 220V mains supply only.

Before renting this trailer, check that it can be towed by your vehicle. To do this, find your vehicle registration document and perform the following subtraction: the value shown at F.3 minus the value shown at F.2.

  • If the result is equal to or greater than 1,000 then your vehicle is capable of towing the trailer.
  • If the result is less than 1,000 then your vehicle is not capable of towing the trailer.

All details regarding dimensions, weight, etc. are based on the smallest models available in the category.
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