Refrigerated Isuzu D-Max

Keep your temperature under control, even on the hottest days

In the United Arab Emirates, the heat of summer prevents most refrigerated vehicles from cooling their contents to the desired temperature. Which is precisely why Petit Forestier has been working on a new refrigerated box for light commercial vehicles.
Its enhanced insulation keeps temperature within your control in any season.

Make your driver’s trips more comfortable

The position of the cab makes it safer and more comfortable for the driver to enter and exit. In addition, because the refrigerated box is not in contact with the cab, it transmits fewer vibrations and less of the noise generated by the refrigeration unit, making each drive a more enjoyable experience.

Adapt to any driving, on any road

The vehicle’s large capacity lets you maximise the quantity of goods you transport in each load. Its ground clearance ensures the pick-up’s underbelly won’t bump or scrape the surface of the road. This sturdier vehicle will satisfy your needs longer by letting you transport your goods while reducing the wear and tear that the vehicle undergoes.

Reduce your fuel consumption

The pick-up model provides better vehicle ergonomics, while the insulation lining the refrigerated box yields more efficient cooling. These advantages have a direct impact on fuel consumption, resulting in a 7% decrease.

Dubai will finally experience the real cold

+41°C outside,
-18°C inside

The cold box designed specifically for the Isuzu D-Max makes it the only refrigerated vehicle climate-tested in Dubai!
Available for hire now.

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Adaptability and performance

Developed to adapt to the climate and the roads of Dubai, the new refrigerated Isuzu D-Max pick-up features a multitude of performance enhancements.

Enhanced insulation to keep temperatures at -18°C to +12°C in any season.

Only 30 minutes to cool from +25°C to -18°C!

Its offers record temperature reduction!

More comfortable and more ergonomic than a van, with a bigger payload.

Uses up to 7% less fuel.

Choice of two models

Available in two box sizes: 4 m³ and 5 m³

Payload capacity: 680 kg

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