Storage solutions
for all areas of use

Ready to use or customised storage

Effective storage to maintain the cold chain

Petit Forestier offers solutions appropriate to your temperature-controlled conservation and storage needs (from -25°C to +25°C) for temporary or ongoing usage. Our competence is recognised by major players in the agri-food industry, institutional catering, supermarket retail, pharmaceuticals, petrol service stations, car industry…

Ready to use cold rooms

From seasonal peaks in trade to increased business levels or equipment maintenance periods, Petit Forestier offers prompt set-up of solutions to meet your needs:

  • Conserving your foodstuffs and drinks, etc.;
  • Cold storage of your produce chilled or frozen;
  • Research and development; experimental product testing;
  • Keeping raw materials at a temperature;
  • Temperature control storage of health products (medicines, vaccines, etc.).
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Custom-designed cold rooms

For your specific storage needs, Petit Forestier also provides custom-built solutions prepared to the most precise specifications, whether in terms of fittings or safety.

Case Study

Client: a distributor of public health products.
Brief: To build a temperature control storage space inside an existing warehouse to ensure the conservation and traceability of temperature-sensitive products.

Solution delivered by Petit Forestier
  • We designed a 54 m² assembly comprising two refrimodular gerated containers placed side by side without a central partition, generating constant refrigeration at +8°C;
  • Special fittings included the provision of CCTV to monitor the temperature: temperature graph recording and logging, alarm management, real-time alerts via SMS or e-mail if defined thresholds are exceeded; connection to our remote technicians who can carry out emergency diagnostics;
  • Central electrical control cabinet to isolate different component parts of the installation, thereby avoiding unexpected downtime, for example due to a simple blown light bulb.
Petit Forestier Extras
  • Delivery and installation of the cold storage container;
  • “Back-up” refrigeration unit ready to be deployed if the main unit ever fails;
  • Preventive maintenance carried out on all of our equipment by our refrigeration engineers to minimise the risk of breakdowns.