Petit Forestier's multi-product offering: your best ally for refrigerated hire

29 Apr 2024

Petit Forestier, the leader in refrigerated rental for almost 100 years, is there for you every day, but also for those exceptional moments when you need flexible, tailored solutions. Our multi-product range of vehicles, furniture and containers is the complete solution for all your needs and uses.

The Petit Forestier multi-product offering adapts to all your requirements

At Petit Forestier, we know that every business sector has specific needs when it comes to refrigeration hire. With this in mind, we strive to offer you solutions that meet all the requirements and uses associated with cold chain management. We offer you a wide selection of refrigerated vehicles and refrigerated containers, all accompanied by our fully customised full service.

Petit Forestier’s multi-product offering simplifies refrigerated rental

Our expertise in refrigeration is the key to the quality of our services. At Petit Forestier, we are dedicated to refrigeration through our multi-product offering, covering all your refrigerated rental requirements:

  • Temperature-controlled storage and transport: our offer covers all your logistical needs, from the manufacture of a product to its consumption, from the fresh product to the consumer’s plate. Whether you’re in the catering, food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or events sectors, we’ve got a solution for you.
  • Flexibility: we offer short, medium and long-term refrigerated hire, adapting to the requirements of each activity. We adapt to your different constraints and needs to help you cope with peaks in activity.
  • Adaptability to all business sectors: our multi-product offering is designed to be adaptable to all business sectors, enabling you to meet your transport and cold storage needs, whether you have higher levels of activity or specific requirements linked to large-scale events.

Discover the many advantages offered by our various refrigeration products:

Our refrigerated vehicles

  • guarantee that the controlled temperature is maintained during transport, ensuring the freshness and quality of perishable products,
  • enable fresh produce to be delivered directly to customers, reducing the losses associated with handling and intermediate storage,
  • optimise logistics by ensuring compliance with health and food safety standards.

Our refrigerated containers

  • provide additional storage space for perishable goods, offering a flexible solution to meet temporary or permanent storage requirements,
  • ensure optimum long-term preservation of products thanks to precise temperature control,
  • they are easy to move around as required, offering a versatile solution for different sectors of activity such as the food industry, healthcare or events.

Discover the multi-product offer

Petit Forestier: your trusted partner

At Petit Forestier, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. The ‘day to day’ is often full of surprises, unforeseen events and exceptional requests... That's why we put all our energy into offering you tailored solutions and optimum quality of service.

Our Full Service is your time-saving asset. It includes maintenance, assistance and repair of our products. Thanks to this service, our customers benefit from enhanced operational performance and personalised support. It's a 100% win-win proposition, enabling you to tackle times of increased activity with peace of mind and confidence, surrounded by the best partner for refrigeration rental.

Petit Forestier's multi-product offering is a versatile response to customers' needs, whatever their sector of activity. With over a century of expertise, we are able to provide tailored, flexible and high-quality solutions, while guaranteeing cost control for refrigerated rental. Whether for routine needs or exceptional events, Petit Forestier is the partner of choice to help you manage your cold chain.

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