Experts in cold room hire

Experts in refrigeration

Unrivalled refrigeration
quality and performance

Petit Forestier is the only rental company whose business is exclusively focused on refrigeration.
This unique positioning on the European market is the mark of our competitiveness and quality.

Innovative technology.

The best in refrigeration, thanks to an equipment selection based on quality and performance.

In-house technical teams handle all call-outs.

Optimum operational methods.

Original, innovative developments

Innovation and continuous quality improvement are key concerns for us as we aim to deliver optimum ease of usage day in and day out. Our containers and supplementary cold rooms feature a design like no other on the rental market.

Controlled temperature

Petit Forestier offers you the most sophisticated functionalities in terms of temperature measurement, checking, analysis and remote monitoring.

Carefully chosen refrigeration units

We use our expertise to select the most innovative energy-efficient refrigeration units which combine energy performance with noise reduction.