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Refrigerated transport in the future

Innovations to deliver future solutions

What will refrigerated transport look like in the future? How can we anticipate and respond to regulatory progress and new environmental concerns? We know that the future of refrigerated transport begins today, so through its innovation, Petit Forestier is able to offer you the solutions of the future today.

An answer to the challenges of urban deliveries now and in the future

Discover a combination of innovations in our new Petit Forestier light commercial vehicle. Equipped with URBAN refrigerated bodywork, it has better ergonomics for energy savings, is more practical with guaranteed comfort, and is more efficient for optimal deliveries. It has everything you need to make your life easier!

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Eco-friendly range

For several years now, Petit Forestier has been supplying greener, cleaner and more sustainable vehicles with its range of electric, compressed natural gas and biofuel refrigeration solutions. These vehicles are available now. Petit Forestier is also developing solutions for the future, such as hydrogen.

Certicold Pharma-approved vehicles

Certicold Pharma is recognised in the UK and Europe and by holding this certification, Petit Forestier is already ahead of the regulatory changes - another demonstration of its know-how and service level.

Certicold Pharma goes farther than the current ATP regulations (agreement on the carriage of perishable foodstuffs and the special equipment used for such carriage). This certification is a response to the real needs of professionals who transport pharmaceuticals in terms of preserving the cold chain, respecting the environment, managing energy consumption and meeting sanitary requirements.

All Petit Forestier vehicles can be certified Certicold Pharma upon request.

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Eco-friendly driving course

Eco-driving is a course offered by Petit Forestier that aims to optimise vehicle use, drive down the costs associated with accidents and reduce environmental impact. It brings benefits for the environment, the company and the driver.

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