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Focus on your core business
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Our Full Service allows you to get on with your business, free from the obligations of operating a refrigerated vehicle. Enjoy a comprehensive service that covers all safety, maintenance and repair work.

Assistance 24 hours a day

Our 24-hour assistance service is exclusively run by Petit Forestier teams. We coordinate all operations, so a call-out will be with you promptly. As soon as we receive your call, our technicians in support vehicles are ready to step in, 24 hours a day. If there has been an accident or breakdown, a replacement vehicle will be provided.


We take care of all maintenance operations. This covers the vehicle, its fittings and the refrigeration unit. If there has been an accident or breakdown, a replacement vehicle will be provided.

Parts Supplied

With our Full Service package, we supply tyres (no mileage limits), lubricants (oils for the engine, gearbox, axle and tailgate lift) and fluids (coolant and brake fluid). You just add the fuel.

Inspection Checks

Mandatory and preventive checks on the vehicle and its equipment. Around 50 nations have signed up to the ATP rules on refrigerated transportation that define a set of standards which all vehicles transporting perishable foodstuffs must meet.
These rules also include provisions for compliance inspections on vehicles that transport goods under controlled temperatures. In the UK, all vehicles of any size that are used to transport perishable food stuffs must have an ATP technical compliance certificate.
With Petit Forestier’s Full Service package, you can be sure that your vehicle complies with refrigerated transportation regulations.

and Administrative Support

A number of administrative procedures are necessary when operating a refrigerated vehicle. When you rent from Petit Forestier, we take care of all of the following procedures: axle tax, compliance certificates, fine management and appeals process, fully comprehensive insurance of the vehicle including an excess; insurance follow-up.


The refrigerated body of your vehicle is an excellent space to advertise and promote your brand image. Our expertise is at your disposal for a partial or full customisation of your vehicle’s livery. The benefits of Full Service from Petit Forestier include:

  • teams of dedicated professionals to change the livery on your vehicle;
  • customisation tailored to your requirements;
  • restoration of your advertising should damage occur.

Repair Service

In the event of accident, damage or breakdown, the Full Service package covers repairs to the bodywork, panels and paintwork, as well as mechanical repairs (engine, gearbox, transmission, chassis). All work is carried out in our workshops. Whilst these repairs are being carried out, a replacement vehicle will be provided.